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Below you see certain representative photographs from the island of  Feakes ( Corfu ) that was characterized as one of the most beautiful islands of the world. The biggest part of the island is covered by huge olive trees that exist for more than two hundred years. The people of Corfu planted them when Enetian people were in the island and  still cultivate them. The visitor has the possibility to travel small distances to find any kind of beach he prefers, certified with blue sign by the E.U. with a lot of people, or quiet with very few people, sandy or pebbly for fishing.  

 ,   deep ,  sandy ,  pebbly .





If someone wants to know the rich culture and history of the island  he can visit some of  the many monuments: The Achilleion, Mon Repo, the old and new fortress, the monastery of  Paleokastritsa, the biggest square of Valkania (Liston ), Angelokastro,

  Pontikonisi , the church of Holy Mother ( Vlacherena ) or the church of Sant Spiridon where he can see his body.

The visitor has also the possibility to visit a lot of museums and ancient places. 


Big interest presents Easter in Corfu where each corfu man and visitor should upholding the tradition break one earthen at 11 o’clock in the morning when bells will ring the Resurrection of Christ.  Easter but also at the duration of summertime in Corfu are realised very a lot of cultural and artistic events. Making kljk in the following andress you can see the programmed events for your period of visit.


   If you visit our island not you omit to try our traditional recipes. Sofrito, chicken pastitsada, fish burdeto.You can also taste traditional sweets like pastaflora,  mantoles, mantolato, as well as derivative of kum kuat, the been famous Liqueur and  sweet of spoon . In the island you will find many restaurants where they serve fresh fish as well as fishery is the main employment of  many residents

Kum kuat  is a tree   that you meet and flourishes only in Corfu. The fruit reminds orange but it has  thin skin and very small size ( like almond ).


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